Newell Advisors

Newell Advisors delivers strategic business analysis and expert witness testimony to the legal and business communities. Our specialty is the determination of the cause and effect of economic damage and loss to individuals and corporations. In 2005 we launched Newell Real Estate Advisors to provide commercial and corporate real estate guidance to the public and private sector. Over time our projects broadened and soon we brought our experience in finance, operations and management to the analysis of other business challenges.

Over the past decade, we have diversified our assignments to include: a manufacturing site search, including tax incentives, for a renewable solar energy start-up; business analysis and valuation for an ophthalmological practice; a strategic analysis and plan for an international healthcare data center; an investment valuation of restricted stock units; litigation support for a breach in partnership contract; and strategic oversight for a non-profit community’s plan for shared services.

Our team’s expertise is proven and our delivery is dependable.

Wei Chiu

Wei Chiu is a management consultant and expert witness. He holds a B.A., Physical Science, from Harvard College, a Masters in Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Masters of Business Administration from Stanford University. He has over 35 years of executive experience with significant leadership positions in a range of private and public sector enterprises including Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial ventures. His expert witness work has focused on business loss analysis across multiple industries including medical, automotive, real estate, and investment cases. Mr. Chiu has worked with both defense and plaintiff attorneys and has testified in California, Texas and Malaysia.