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Newell Advisors sees investment analysis as an investigation of the subject’s business history.

Our experience with economic damage cases has repeatedly shown that the definitive facts which confirm or refute the claims of loss are frequently obscured or unnoticed amidst the reams of data and financial reports surrounding the dispute.   An examination of the company’s market, operations, and financial performance is a critical factor in assessing whether a claimed impact had the severity alleged.

“Wei’s insights, transactional expertise, industry contacts, and interpersonal skills were all
genuine assets to us as we worked through many challenging situations together.”
Brian W. Copple, General Counsel
Eclipsys Corporation

economic-damage-analysisOur Perspective

Our approach is unique for its combination of the experiential and analytical.

We make a comprehensive assessment and underwriting of the market and the financial environment in which the claimant operated as well as his/her capabilities. We do not just use statistical tables. The analysis may be counter-intuitive and may cross subject matter boundaries. Our experience has taught us how to read between the lines of financial statements and our multi-dimensional approach frequently uncovers the unseen key factors in a case.