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Newell Advisors provides insightful business and financial evaluation skills and qualified expert testimony in cases involving business analysis.

We ascertain corporate valuation and the economic consequences of business interruption. We are proficient in determining the impact of economic loss, real or anticipated, on corporate value. We have perfected a unique method to distill the flood of business analytics, and reveal only the essential economic facts that bear relevance to the primary questions of the case. At the heart of this investigation, we believe that an economic damage is a result of an involuntary lost opportunity.

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Newell Advisors is retained principally to assess business-related economic damage & loss.

Our backgrounds in finance and business consulting have provided over 30 years’ experience in evaluating the administration, operations and financial performance of entities from non-profits to the Fortune 100. Our clients represent both plaintiffs and defendants equally. Our analyses of the financial strategies of domestic and international businesses are critical for underwriting large investment decisions. This clinical and comprehensive experience allows us to quickly and accurately distill the critical factors of a business economic loss claim.

A 4TH TESTIMONIAL HERE “Wei’s leadership, intelligence and business acumen proved to be a critical driving factor to the success of the team.
His communication skills and industry experience make him an extremely credible and capable expert witness.”
Paul Delson, Assistant General Counsel
First Solar, Inc